Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a storm!!

We have had a very busy afternoon dealing with the aftermath of the deluge that we had today. We were called to this little Corella who had fallen from his nest and wasn't quite able to fly yet. He is not far off flying and his parents were still circling overhead and calling (screeching) to their baby.

I went to our local hardware and purchased a hanging plant pot, some coconut fibre and some rope. We were able to make him quite a cosy little nest.
Maddi attached the rope to a soft drink bottle and threw it up over the branch, we then attached the basket to it and popped in the Corella with a towel partly over him.

We hoisted him up in the tree in his little makeshift nest and hopefully his parents will come and feed him - fingers crossed.

We had calls for five little birds in nests - now in the hot box. 
A call for another Corella baby - I advised them to do the same thing!!
A call for a baby Ibis with a broken leg - passed that one on to another carer as it was a long way from us!

We have had 40ml of rain and they are saying there is more coming! 
Tomorrow could be just as busy!
Cheers from Here