Sunday, September 5, 2010

April The Brushtail Possum

April has been with us for a week now. She is adorable and quite a character!
Jed named her when he saw her rich gold colorings of apricot on her tummy.
Her favorite spot is sitting on our heads, so now we all wear hoodies!

For my overseas visitors - April is a Brushtail Possum.
She will eventually have a very bushy tail, and grow to about the size of a full grown cat.

A cat was responsible for killing Aprils mother.

April will be with us until approx May next year - when we shall soft release her onto our property.
Soft release is where we shall still provide smaller and smaller amounts of food for a few days or weeks to integrate them into the outside world, while they find their own food sources.

Hopefully she will catch up with Walnut - a male brushy that we released three weeks ago.
Walnut is busy being a big possum in his natural habitat.
Such a good feeling!

Cheers from here!


BUSH BABE said...

How gorgeous!

And how fitting that you won the comments giveaway at my place for the 'oz animal' section!

Jindivick Wildlife Care said...

I am very excited by the win - now I just have to choose it's between the goanna and the Kookaburra!