Thursday, September 2, 2010


When Tilli first arrived she was a very sad little wombat. We believe that she had been trying to survive without her Mum for what could have been a couple of weeks. Her claws were very worn down - probably from trying to get underground and she was quite dehydrated. She was very stressed.

When she first came in she wanted to be held all the time. Whenever we put her down she cried and cried for us to pick her up again. Very heartbreaking and we were glad to - for a while! But long term it was just not possible. I had a thought and didn't think it would work - but after another day of carrying her around I decided to try out this idea.


Tilli become a different Wombat after she began to suck on a dummy.
(a teat without a hole in it)

The transformation was incredible!
She became a placid, happy and comfortable wombie - just how we like 'em!

Here she is two months ago!

She has now moved into the pre-release enclosure with her burrow buddy Penny. I love this job - watching them move through the different stages!

Tilli was sponsored by some very kind people via the WRAP website.
If you get a chance to have a look at some of the animals that are up for sponsorship, then please do. Suggest to your schools or your workplace or your family that this is something they could do - it makes a world of difference and is very rewarding!

Cheers from here!


Laura Marie said...

What a great idea with the dummy!

I want a wombat :( .. And a racoon.. You don't happen to have one of those as well do you?!


Jindivick Wildlife Care said...

Oh Laura - I would love to have a racoon. We don't get them here. How are things with you?