Monday, September 13, 2010

What a whirlwind!

We have had the busiest week ever.
We have had to take over the care of one of the triplet lambs. We think his Mum was a little confused (I don't blame her the poor thing - what a shock to the system) at having had three babies.She rejected the littlest one - thats him on the left. He is now called Leroy. He lives on our verandah. He comes inside for a bottle and then goes back outside.
I am overrun by mouths to feed!He follows Maddi around and Maddi is revelling in being his special Mum.

In the morning - I have been making up lamb bottles by six.
Wombat bottles by fifteen.
Possum feeds by two.
A nectar mix for a New Holland Honeyeater (he unfortunately has passed away now) and six feeds for a tiny little Wombat joey who came in on Saturday right before I went to work here for the day.

So I stashed the lamb in the office, the Wombat in my bra and off to work I went!

The next day I was helping out at our local camera clubs national exhibition. On the way to town to do this I pulled two large wombats off the road. The first was a male who was so big I could barely move him and the second was a girl who broke my heart - she had a little joey in her pouch that had died also. If the people that had hit her had stopped they could have saved the baby.

Sometimes this calling is hard.

The new little wombat who has since been named Tessa was very, very cold.
She weighs 432 gm and is doing really well.
I am off to Healesville Sanctuary with her and Charlie on Tuesday.
Tessa for a check up and Charlie hopefully for his last dental work! I haven't photographed Tessa yet - I like to let them settle in before pointing the big black thing in their face!

In amongst all the craziness I did stop long enough to notice out of our bedroom window a family of Kookaburras that came to rest on one of the wombat enclosure fences. If you look really hard you can see another one in the tree above the shed. These kookas have lived around our property for years and it is great to see their babies every season.
Cheers from here!

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